Welcome to Skelton Newby Hall Church of England School

Our children, whatever their ability, need, or background, will grow spiritually through daily prayer and through an understanding of Christian values and traditions and of the values and beliefs of other groups.

We work in partnership with parents and the whole community, to help our children to enjoy learning and to become independent, self-disciplined, self-motivated and to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable.

As a small school we can be flexible in our curriculum delivery allowing us to respond at very short notice to seasonal changes and any other opportunities that may arise.

  • Our ethos is to ensure children make the most of every opportunity. This is reflected in our core Christian values.
  • We want our children to believe they can achieve anything and to have the confidence to seek whatever help they may need on the road to those achievements.
  • We want our children to be able to rise to the challenge and persevere, showing resilience when things don’t go as expected and make good choices in any situation.
  • We want our school to be a place of hope where our children can take joy every day and give joy to their community.
  • We want children to leave school well educated and with happy and long lasting memories.