Road safety

We were very privileged yesterday to have a visit from a remarkable young lady called Lauren Doherty. Lauren suffered a terrible pedestrian road traffic accident when she was only 20 which left her paralyzed from the neck down. Lauren doesn't dwell on the negative aspect of her situation, instead she campaigns tirelessly, visiting primary schools to teach the children the importance of keeping safe on our roads. She told the children to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when they are near roads, to choose to use road crossings safely when they are available, to wear helmets if they are using wheeled toys but most importantly not to be distracted when they are near roads but to always be alert to danger.

Lauren also funds protective viz vests and PE bags to give to the children which have special reflective qualities.

Lauren even visited Buckingham Palace earlier this year to be rewarded for her services to road safety. 

The children were very reflective and thoughtful after her visit and we had further discussions today which showed how well they had been listening. 

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