Young Leaders

Year 6 have taken part in session 2 of their young leaders award this week. They shared their home challenges from last week which they had worked really hard on and explained which leadership skills they had used. Lots of the children had chosen to cook their family a meal whilst others had written letters to elderly relatives or walked a neighbour's dog. They really are being the change they want to see and making our school and community a nice place to be!

We took part in a task where we had to lead a blindfolded person around the room using only our voice. We learnt that good leaders need to communicate effectively and be trustworthy. We also researched inspirational leaders. We learnt that most of them were just like us when they were younger but they overcame challenges and were determined to succeed. We have chosen a leadership skill we would like to improve and our challenge this week is to take part in an activity to improve it. 

The Archie's Challenge grids are attached to this post just incase you need any more.

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