Proficient Poets

In English, our poetic juices have been flowing! To hone the skill of choosing ambitious vocabulary selectively and precisely, we began by exploring the Haiku form of poetry, with its tight structure of 5 syllables on the first line, 7 syllables on the second, and 5 on the third.

Our vocabulary-seeking mission generated lots of exciting words to use in our Harris Burdick Mystery-themed free verse poem, 'The House on Maple Street', in which an image shows a house launching into the night sky like a rocket. Our favourites (see if you can spot the alliteration and personification!) included: summoned by the sky, furious flames and spluttering sparks, trembling, catapulting, propelling, ascending, radiating, billowing, absconding, dormant, wrenched and obscured.

We also used a range of examples of poetry to give us ideas. 'The Highwayman' inspired one member of our class, for example, to describe the flames erupting from the house as a 'torrent of fire', inspired by the line, 'The wind was a torrent of darkness'.

We have realised there is lots to consider when writing poetry - not just poetic devices such as metaphor and simile, but the structure, which can also be used creatively!

Once we have completed and edited our poems, we will be rehearsing and performing them... before sending them to the one and only Michael Rosen! We are very excited...

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