Visit from the Green Knight

In English, we are basing our writing around a story called 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight', which is set in Camelot and involves well-known characters such as King Arthur and his knights.

We have enjoyed two experience lessons to help to inspire our writing. During the first, we learnt all about chivalry and honour, as it was important that we understood these in order to understand the characters' motivations at key plotpoints. We realised that many of the behaviours outlined in the knights' code of conduct are still things we value and would hope to live by today! 

During our second experience lesson, we were enjoying a party game when who should appear but the Green Knight himself! He cut a fearsome figure on our screen and his voice bellowed through the classroom, causing many a brave child to gasp in horror...

When he challenged us to a party game of his own, we began to experience the same thoughts and feelings that would have passed through the minds of King Arthur and his knights when the Green Knight interrupted their Christmas celebrations to propose a deadly game. Fortunately for the rest of us cowardly knights, one honourable member of our class stepped forwards. Phew!

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