Busy, busy ,busy

Firstly we were donated a slide, which after the initial excitement proved to be a little too small for the children. Not to worry - what better way to learn about water routes, building dams, sending objects down ramps and how to collect water at the bottom. 

Next our newest team member discovered that if she stood on the cable drums and stretched really high, she could reach a bird feeder. She was stronger than she thought and pulled it right off! Not to worry - she had great fun feeding sunflower seeds to our ever hungry chickens.

Then this afternoon we had new ideas on moving round an obstacle course, a brain wave of creating a seesaw, climbing challenges and finally a mad half hour of tipple tails and rolls on the field before relaxing and watching the clouds go by and the swallows flying round in the sky. 

The amount of learning that these children do in a day is phenomenal.  I am constantly amazed by how they master new physical skills, set themselves challenges and show such resourcefulness at working out new ways of doing things. 

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