Studfold farm

We had a fabulous school visit today to Studfold Farm. The children walked through fields of buttercups, with the most amazing backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales in deepest Nidderdale. They searched for fairy houses on a beautiful trail, explored a woodland path, looked at waterfalls,had lunch on bales of straw in a barn and played happily in a super adventure park.

What did we learn today ? We learned how to make new friends, share and take turns with the children from class 1 based at our federated school. We learned how to use all our senses to investigate a new and beautiful natural environment, a location not too far away from our own immediate local area but far enough away to give us a different experience of the natural world. 

We learned how to follow a map to guide us along a trail, how to look for clues and tick them off on a chart. We learned how to look at structures and sculptures from different angles and how to solve clues.

We also had loads of fresh air and physical exercise. 

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