In maths we aim to instill a love of maths and a love of challenge!

We strongly believe that good mental maths skills are the basis for developing confident mathematicians.  These are key facts that the children have learnt and over learnt and keep coming back to so that they know them off by heart and they can be recalled without needing to think about them; for example, times tables, number bonds, doubles and halves. 

We use a mastery approach to maths in school, which focuses on the depth and breadth of understanding of maths concepts.  We use a three-pronged approach to this; giving opportunities for children to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving to all mathematical concepts.

Good practice recommends a three-tiered approach to learning in maths, starting with concrete; using practical objects, moving to pictorial; using images, then to an abstract.  Children learn best with real life contexts so they can understand the purpose for learning the maths concepts.

We have a ‘can do’ approach for maths.  We discourage the use of ‘I can’t do it’ and ask children to rephrase using ‘I can’t do it YET’.  We use our growth mindset work to help create a positive drive in maths and use a learning pit to show that when the going gets tough, we need to dig deep and work hard and support each other to work our way towards good understanding. 

Through mathematics lessons, and lessons across the curriculum, our children get the opportunity to explore all curriculum aspects of mathematics including: place value, calculations, geometric reasoning, statistics and measures.

Learning websites to help develop maths are linked below.