Fairy Tale Trail

On Wednesday 16th February we hosted a Fairy Tale Trail.  It definitely didn't go according to plan as high winds meant that we had to keep away from the trees in our outside area. Early Years adults and children are quite used to adapting plans at the last minute so it was fine - we just moved, rebuilt castles, cottages and bridges and improvised  a whole new plan as quick as a flash.  Our partner class arrived from Sharow bringing a mixture of princesses, knights in shining armour , pigs, Little Red Riding Hoods, dragons and other fabulous story characters - all wearing wellies. 

The Skelton children also came dressed for the occasion in some fabulous costumes. The year 5 and 6 children were amazing group leaders, taking care of the children from both schools, reading them stories, helping them act out stories and supporting them to make fairies and wands. 

We had a picnic lunch on the decking as the rain started just as we got the picnic blankets out. Unfazed by the weather the children played happily together on the field exploring new spaces and new friendships.

The afternoon was spent exploring all that Skelton had to offer inside and outside. The children all seemed to be having fun doing what children do best - using their imaginations and sharing resources. 

We finished the day off with some alternative fairy tale stories.